Yes, we’ve absolutely entered a minefield, yet another minefield. We’ve been walking around in minefields since the day we begged to differ. Now we beg to be done with this, to just all be the same, accept everything, except … Continued


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You had fallen down the stairs before,my rough and tumble child.And you got up to play some more.You only had a little while.I have brushed tears off your cheeksand gravel from your knees.But all our strength is still too weakfor … Continued

To Do Right

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He had dreams, and not just at night,and he also knew what he had to do.And he knew he’d have to sacrifice,either way that he would choose.And in the end he chose to do rightand lay his dreams aside. But … Continued

The Truth

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I don’t want to hear what I want to hear.I’m not okay with “everything’s fine.”I want to know the truth.When you say “don’t worry” I’m worried.I know we can’t all have our way all the time.I want to know the … Continued


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There are some things on your list that you should just do “later.”And by the time you get to them, they’ll be unnecessary.And that’s one of the benefits of being a procrastinator.It’s amazing what can happen while you tarry.