Still Feeling Young

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Last year on my birthday, I was feeling young. This year, since I was still feeling young, I decided to record that poem as a song.

I Hate Nostalgia

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Have I ever told you about how I hate nostalgia?When I was a kid, everyone just focused on what was happening that day,but right about the time I got to high school, everyone started talking abouthow bad everything was getting,and … Continued

I Will Not Start

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I will not start another bookuntil I’ve finished this.I will not blow the candles outuntil I think my wish.I will not cook another mealwith all these half-meals in the fridge.But I will start another dayno matter what yesterday did.

My Latest Idea

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I have about three thousand ideas a dayand only three of them are any good,and one of them is just “we should go to bed now,”so it doesn’t really count.But still, that adds up to quite a few good ideas,and … Continued

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