Snow Day

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I am having a snow day,a just-say-no day,a stop-with-the-go-go-go day.

Pray the Lord

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Now I nurse you down to sleep,I pray the Lord to make you keepsleeping for at least an hourbecause I know He has that power.But I may find, that even still,in this He grants you your own will.


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The weeds grew while we were gone.They knew it was their chance.And apples started dropping–those got eaten at by ants.But the work that we were doingwith the rocks mixed in the dirt,was still sitting there, very still,being stubborn and inert.

She Is Sleeping

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There she is, so fast asleep.Her arms are limp, her head sunk deepupon the sheets. So let us keepthe lights down low. Don’t make a peep.Just catch your breath and let her sleep.


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When the river is not peacefulbecause it’s full and steepwe still trust that the oceanwill catch us, hug us deep,and give our souls a Sabbathto ride the waves and sleep.

Some Times

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What time do you wake in the morning? Exactly six a.m?Or maybe six fourteen, after hitting the snooze button twice.Or maybe about eleven, since you work until after two.Or maybe after noon. Sometimes that would be nice.But what about sometimes … Continued

Sliding Puzzle

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Life is like a sliding puzzle, the kind with nine or sixteen squares that only work when there’s a space, so if your life seems full, beware.