Why I amalgamated my blogs.

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As you can see, I have yet another new blog, but it’s really just an amalgamation of my previous blogs. Here’s why: I had a poetry blog with potential, a languishing personal blog, an underdeveloped design business blog, and a … Continued

It’s Been Half a Year

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It’s been half a year,and I’m still writing here,although not as often.My schedule seems to soften.Now two weeks without poems,you’re wondering if I’m home.Yes, I’ve been here enough–just doing other stuff.

Someone in the Neighborhood

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Someone in the neighborhood is making lots of noise ripping something apart.Someone in the neighborhood is driving the curves with a broken heart.Someone in the neighborhood is being taken for walks by their pet.Someone in the neighborhood hasn’t enjoyed the … Continued


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Nothing that rhymes,nothing profound,nothing new‘neath the sun we spin ’round.No word left unsaid,no vice left untried,no bottle that floats‘cross this prairie so wide.


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Something spattered on my screenmakes it hard to think.I use my sleeve to get it cleanwith water from the sink.And now I have page that’s blankto fill with all my thoughts.It’s just the sort of screen that couldgive me writer’s … Continued

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