Pleasantly Surprised

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Pleasantly surprised to findthat you turned out to be someonethat I could agree to disagree with,and that we could agree to disagree together.What are the chances thatthe tornado of life that camebetween childhood and nowwould pick us both up and … Continued

Nice Things

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Would you rather have nice things or good days?Would you rather get along or get a raise?I look around and I’m always amazedhow our lives pass so fast. When they end the stuff stays.

Nice Enough

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People at church are nice enough.They shake your hand and such and such,they ask you, nicely, how you’ve beenand are so very thankful whenyou sign up to help with something.Plus sometimes there are cookies for munching.But if I were looking … Continued

Ode to Kitchens

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A place to heat, a place to cool,a place for goose or greens or gruel,a place for kindness and for kin,a place to start each day againwith coffee from the coffeepot.A kitchen is a lovely spot.

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