May One Thing Never Change

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I just went back and read my last post here, written while I was in my last segment of college life, looking forward to getting married and moving to Bogotá that summer. It seems so very long ago,and just like … Continued

Scratching Our Heads

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We’ll plan our every move while lying in our bedsand find that we are still taken by storm.Change will come; it seldom warns,and we’ll all be left scratching our heads.

Different Nations

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Dear cousin who I haven’t seen,we’ve moved up a generation.We’ve often lived so far apart–for years in different nations.But now that you’re a doctorand now that I’m a mom,you’d think that one of us had movedto Greece or Vietnam.And not … Continued

I Hate Nostalgia

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Have I ever told you about how I hate nostalgia?When I was a kid, everyone just focused on what was happening that day,but right about the time I got to high school, everyone started talking abouthow bad everything was getting,and … Continued

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