Yes, we’ve absolutely entered a minefield, yet another minefield. We’ve been walking around in minefields since the day we begged to differ. Now we beg to be done with this, to just all be the same, accept everything, except … Continued


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You had fallen down the stairs before,my rough and tumble child.And you got up to play some more.You only had a little while.I have brushed tears off your cheeksand gravel from your knees.But all our strength is still too weakfor … Continued

My Sign

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Hung on my neck, like a noose but loose, is a sign that reads “I have no excuse. Yet my life is still messy and my brain feels like toast.  It’s my own imperfection that drags me down most.” (In … Continued

If I Were You

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“If I were you, life would be always be easy,”says the back of our minds to the girl in the shot.And then we go back to living our own lives,surprised and confused on the days that it’s not.