Love Is Like the Thread

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If it’s true that fools rush in,
I’d rush for you all over again.
It seems that rushing’s always been
a way of life for us.
But between the many road trips
without time for scenic exits
and the passports, visas, tickets,
and jostling in the bus,
it seems that we’ve become a family.
I’ve grown up and you’re more manly.
It may look like we’re just standing,
when really we’re taking a breath.
And when we breathe, we start to dream,
and you know all seven dreams I mean–
our minds come together like a seam,
and love is like the thread.
And we’ve both done it, so we know
it’s not worth rushing when you sew.
At least today, let’s take it slow
and save this stitch in time.
Let’s save each penny that you earn,
and savor every chance to learn.
I’ll say, may your heart always yearn
to be stitched tight to mine.