Each Day a Poem

I want to write a poem each day.
I just need something good to say.
And if there’s nothing to be said,
I’ll write one anyway.

It’s good for me to think and write
to keep perception in my sight.
And so I’ll make each day a poem,
and dream of verse each night.

“Why start today?” you’d like to know.
Just because it’s time to go.
Seize the chance; start when you can
to make each day a poem.

One Response

  1. My dearest sis
    ter, these poems I wouldn’t miss.
    I am proud
    to be one of the first subscribers around.
    When I read your
    poems I’ll be inspired to do more
    drawing and
    thinking and sharing and maybe try my hand
    at writing something
    of my own, like a song you’ve told me the umpteen-
    th time I should write.
    May God give us the will and the might.