Great Colombian Foods

Great Colombian Foods that Ryan Could Eat:
1. Coffee.
2. Rotisserie Chicken.
3. Mango Biche. Slices of mango with lime and salt.
4. Bandeja Paisa, except for the ground beef.
5. Plantain Chips.
6. Candied Coconut.
7. Bakery bread.
8. Arroz con Pollo, and all the other foods that are made from rice and chicken.
9. Fresh fruit.

Great Colombian Foods that Ryan Couldn’t Eat:
1. Avena (oatmeal). It’s actually a drink made with milk, served hot or cold.
2. Buñuelos. Why are these fried spheres of dough so good? There is cheese in the dough.
3. Chocolate. Hot chocolate, which is sometimes served with cheese in it.
4. Grilled field corn on the cob.
5. Arepas, which are round corn breads, often filled with cheese.
6. Maracuyá ice cream.
7. Empanadas made from corn pastry.
8. Tamales. Corn dough filled with good stuff and boiled inside of plantain leaves.
9. UHT milk. Like milk, except it tastes different, and you can keep it on your shelf for a year. It comes in bags here.

2 Responses

  1. I hear the coffee is great, but can you count it as food??

  2. Oh My Goodness!! Somehow I missed the part where you went to Columbia!! not on my radar. God bless you there! Love the list of yummy food … mmmm. Keep blogging 🙂