Help me to remember

I should get back in the habit of blogging. It helps me to remember things. I just updated my list of places I’ve slept throughout college. Am I forgetting anyplace?

91. Somewhere south of GR at the house of an ACMNP board member.
92. The house on Kalamazoo.
93. Pella, on the way west.
94. Ft. Collins for Alissa’s illustrious graduation.
95. Coeur d’Alene for two nights at Josh and Kelsey’s.
96. Paradise.
97. Cougar Rock Campground with the ACMNP team.
98. Sunnyside. We saw Tobias when he was four days old, and then I saw him again at his baptism.
99. Yaak for the Vander Wilt family reunion.
100. Ft. Collins.
101. Pella, on the way east.
102. Alumni 109.
103. Michigan for October birthdays.
104. Amy Laib’s house, after our spontaneous trip to Natalie’s house.
105. Sioux Falls for a night.
106. Ft. Collins.
107. Sioux Falls again. Does that count?
108. Pella for Christmas.
109. Jamie’s house, so we could go straight to the airport.
110. The Moyer’s. We’ll move to Spanish-speaking homes soon.

I very much like Bogotá so far. It’s a huge city, but the school is on the edge of it and you can always see mountains on the east and the west, so that makes it feel less endless. We have been riding around and bussing around with the Moyers and the past three nights we have had supper with different families from the school, and it is so good to get to know them. I am looking forward to school starting. The school seems so empty during these days as we go about getting ready for the spring semester.