Things That Changed My Life

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If I had to make a list of
things that changed my life,
I could name some big things,
like being Ryan’s wife,
or growing up outside of town,
or where I went to school
or all the traveling that I’ve done,
which has been pretty cool.
But those things haven’t changed my life
as much as they have been my life.
So I would name the moment
when the jingle doorbell rang;
I wasn’t dressed, my hair was mussed,
so my heart gave a twang.
I get dressed every morning now,
ever since that lazy day,
so I would say it changed my life,
in a small, important way.


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I still get a little mad
when I think about what’s been lost along the way:
that sweater that my sister gave me,
ones of my favorite socks,
that tiny piece of technology, probably plowed away with the snow,
the dirt I thought I’d never have a yard for,
the scissors that cut the fabric of my wedding dress,
the scissors that will hopefully turn up again.
But some things will never be found.
We were moving too fast and they were left behind.
What else did we miss?
We missed chances,
we missed opportunities,
we misunderstood,
we misspoke.
If I could go back and gather up what I’ve lost,
I’d blow past all the big moves where the things went missing,
and I’d go straight to the heart of the times we did have,
and try not to miss a beat.

Mode, Mean, Average, and the Truth

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You could say I’m just a
kind of girl.
I could say it, too,
because it’s true.
Some of the time.
Most of the time.
But not all the time,
and certainly not at my best times.
If I asked you to describe yourself
in five words, or five hundred,
either way,
would you describe your best self,
or your most self?
There are differences between mode, and mean, and average,
and the truth.
Which one will you be?
It’s up to one of the yous.

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