on to Michigan

Having spent nearly a week in Iowa, my family and I are continuing our holiday adventures by driving straight from Iowa to Michigan, bypassing our house to save a couple/few hours. While fourteen of us were at my grandparents, we played a lot of games, went bowling, disc golfed, opened gifts, sang Christmas carols, went to a larger family reunion, and ate a lot of food. Many of the same things lay in store for this coming weekend.

Merry Christmas

Relaxing around the house on Christmas Day.
It’s time for a supper of dried beef and cheese.
Lights on the tree match the colors of the sunset sky. Dulcimer and banjo playing carols on the stereo. 
Grandma takes her harmonica and happily joins the tune.


Finals are done! It’s almost suppertime! I’m going to Amy’s tomorrow! Video chat is working! It was 55 degrees today! I have 60 meals to eat before I leave tomorrow! I think I got all A’s! I sold one book back and have money in my pocket! I have to pack for five different places tonight! It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas! I’m listening to Christmas music!

If I Ran the Library

Dear Librarian, if I were you,
There’s little things that I would do
To make this place a better one,
To make this place much better run.

I don’t say these books are bad
Or that the aura makes me sad.
It’s just that I have definitely had
Enough of this– it makes me mad.

I’m talking about the level of noise
Produced by inconsiderate boys.
Who strip this place of all it’s joys.
It makes me want to lose my poise.

I’ve searched throughout all Illinois
To find a study undestroyed
A quiet harbor to enjoy
Without these voices that annoy.

The noise would be less deafening,
The atmosphere less scary
If I could do this one small thing–
If I ran the library.

Late Friday Night

This is what me and friends look like late on Friday night after drinking a lot (of apple cider) and hanging out in a steel-sided shed with paint on the floor and leak spots on the ceiling and colored lights and mashed-up Christmas music pulsing through the air. We raised money for an AIDS-affected community in the area by selling art and clothing and hearing at least five live performers. If anyone wants some good cheap Hopi tribe art to hang on your walls, I have a source.

on the size of this college

This college is too small. I have to work my schedule around its schedule.

This college is too big. It’s impossible to learn everyone’s name, so half the time I don’t know who people are talking about.

This college is too small. I walk down the sidewalk feeling obligated to acknowledge everyone.

This college is too big. I take the same class as my friends, and we don’t even get to be in the same section.

This college is too small. The weekends are dead.

This college is too big. If some of these lovely young women would leave, the guy/girl ratio would be a lot more level.

This college is too small. I can’t avoid those mediocre professors.

This college is too big. The most classes I have with the same person is two. How am I supposed to get to know anybody if I have two classes with them tops?

This college is too small. The cafeteria has really short hours. On weekends I don’t even have time to go back for seconds.

This college is too big. I have to pass up dozens of promising activities every week.

This college is too small. “There’s like nothing to do. We have to dye our hair every week just to stifle the boredom.”

This college is to big. Too much room for people who say, “There’s like nothing to do. We have to dye our hair every week just to stifle the boredom.”

This college is too small. Something is wrong when I can already tell whoever is walking behind me just by the sound of their voice.

This college is too big. It takes forever to walk to the parking lot where my car is at.

This college is too small. I’m running out of places to explore.

This college is too big. I feel defeated because there is no way I will ever be able to learn all that is offered, especially the life lessons that individuals offer. Like tonight, I’m sitting in psychology and we have to talk in groups and I find out that the girl I am sitting next to has an inspiring story and many of my same interests, and I don’t even know her name. And if this college was smaller, we would probably be best friends or something. But no. I may never even have another class with her.

This college is too small. It is missing something important: an obvious best friend for Rebecca.

This college is just right.

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