One Month To Go

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One month to go, and it won’t go slow.I have lots of poems to write.More than a month’s worth, that I know.Plus, they can’t be trite.Eleven months of ups and downs,and I’m still writing here.I might not have written a … Continued

Nice Things

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Would you rather have nice things or good days?Would you rather get along or get a raise?I look around and I’m always amazedhow our lives pass so fast. When they end the stuff stays.


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The weeds grew while we were gone.They knew it was their chance.And apples started dropping–those got eaten at by ants.But the work that we were doingwith the rocks mixed in the dirt,was still sitting there, very still,being stubborn and inert.

Different Nations

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Dear cousin who I haven’t seen,we’ve moved up a generation.We’ve often lived so far apart–for years in different nations.But now that you’re a doctorand now that I’m a mom,you’d think that one of us had movedto Greece or Vietnam.And not … Continued

For What It’s Worth

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“For what it’s worth.” What is it worth?Think of today like a baby’s birthand when your baby marriage screamswhen it should be cute and have sweet dreams,just hold it like a tiny childand don’t let go. The ride is wild,your … Continued

Slivered Almonds

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How do they sliver almonds?That’s what I’d like to know.Do they drop them from a toweronto well-placed blades below?Do they run them past a mandolinewith several sharpened bands?Or do they sit there with a paring knifemaking slivers in their hands?

The Grass

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The grass is only green when it rains.If it’s not going to rain, I’d rather have weeds.Or a mix, just in case the weather decidesto do a little of each.

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