Good Sabbath

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Oh, Good Sabbath, welcome rest!Come put up your feet.Sit with me upon the couchand thank God for this week.But first, Good Sabbath, let me ask:would you like a cup of tea?Or coffee, water, juice or milk?A little bite to eat?Good Sabbath, … Continued

Toys for My Baby

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Toys for my baby–what would she enjoy?Based on trends of past forays,she’d like these kinds of toys:a mobile made of scissors,needles, awls, and pliers,on long strings hanging to her reach(no fun if they were higher);a playmat made of plastic sacks,and … Continued

Go Big or Go Home

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You win some, you lose some,most of us go on with either.We say, “Go big or go home,”but some can go neither.It’s not that they’re afraid to take a risk.they’ve just got nothing left to lose,no goods left to proffer,no … Continued


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One wall for the dressers,one wall for the closet,two walls for the one big bed. One wall for the couch,one wall for the chairs,two walls for the books we’ve read. Sometimes I dream ofpickaxes, sledgehammersand banging through walls with my … Continued

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