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It’s been two years since we moved into this big old fixer-upper on the hill. In that time there are some things that haven’t changed at all, like the cracked plaster walls in the unused living room or the pink wool carpet in the attic.

And then there are the things that have changed:

  • The crusher dust on the patio has settled so the smooth quartzite pavers can show their faces.
  • We’ve won the war against the overgrowth in the backyard. From here on out, we’ll just have to maintain a strong military presence, squelch insurrection, and so forth.
  • With the help of a handy-dandy clawfoot shower kit, we don’t have to go to the basement to shower anymore.
  • Many branches of the extended family have moved or had other big changes in their lives.
  • I’ve cut way back on smaller projects and I’m working full time for MarketBeat as a virtual assistant/developer in training.
  • Alethia is no longer a toddler. She is a young girl with a big imagination, a huge vocabulary, a happy disposition (if she has gotten enough sleep), and opinions about everything.

If you ask me how the house is coming along, I’ll tell you, “Really good considering we have about three hours a week to work on it!”

Quite frankly, it’s not our top priority. Growing in our careers has been a bigger priority for us, now that we’ve both finally found the right fit. Having a good routine as a family is also a high priority, since that’s what makes every other undertaking sustainable. So plugging away on house projects is part of our routine, but it is not itself the routine, as it was for the months surrounding our move here. Our routine also involves time with family and friends, since we value that.

A week or so ago we attended the historic homes tour in our neighborhood for the third year in a row. The difference this year was that, instead of touring the homes of strangers, we were touring the homes of friends and acquaintances. As we walked from home to home, we ran into neighbor friends on the sidewalk and took time to catch each other up on our lives. We talked about what we were doing that weekend (there is always something every weekend), about our own house projects (there is always something more to do), and about the weather (it was very hot).

Everything has become routine– and that is a beautiful thing.


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  1. Sammy Hasegawa

    Very nice, Rebecca. You are an inspiration!